Terms & Conditions

Consent to Use and Public Posting of Photos and Video:

By making application for attending Zycus Horizon event, attending, appearing, participating and/or speaking (“Attending”) at Zycus’ Horizon 2018 (the “Event”), you hereby irrevocably consent to Zycus Inc. and its affiliates, and their respective agents, for photographing and recording your video and/or audio at social events, meetings and gatherings at and during the Event, daytime and nighttime, scheduled or casual. By Attending the Event, you hereby irrevocably agree and consent that Zycus Inc. has the perpetual worldwide sublicensable and transferable royalty-free right to store, use, re-use, edit, re-edit, publish (including streaming), re-publish, display and/or exhibit your image and/or voice, and copies, reproductions and edited versions thereof, in all hard copy, analog and digital versions thereof, and all derivatives thereof, and in any file format (including streamed media), as well as your name, picture, photograph, portrait, silhouette, and/or other reproductions of you and your likeliness at the Event (collectively, your “Image”) for its internal business purposes, including in connection with any current or future external advertising or promotional content, program, or material for Zycus Inc. and its affiliates and their respective business and projects, or for any other lawful purposes, including the posting internally within Zycus, Inc. on its intranet, and posting (including streamed video and audio, and other links to your Image) (“Posting”) externally on zycus.com and any other public websites under the control or management of Zycus Inc. and any/all other websites in respect of which Zycus Inc. has the right to publish or otherwise Post (the “Rights”). Notwithstanding the Rights, Zycus Inc. is not, however, obligated to make any use of your Image, name or likeness, or exercise any of the Rights. You also acknowledge and agree that you understand (and hereby consent) that your Image may appear in photos and video and audio (”media”) of the Event made available to you, other attendees of the Event, and the public, and that they each may retain and distribute that media.

Cancellation Policy:

Zycus reserves the right to cancel or adjust your registration at any time. No refunds will be given for cancellations. You may make a substitution at any time at no additional charge. Please send your substitution and cancellation requests to HorizonUS2018@zycus.com.